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Quizzes and Examinations:

    Quizzes: 20%
    Midterms (after units 4, 8, 11): 30% (10% each)
    Midterm 1 answers
    Final: 20% (Thursday, December 16, 6pm)
Homework assignments: 10%
Class participation: 20%
Each chapter addresses Latin grammar and sentence structure ("syntax") as well as vocabulary. The student will demonstrate knowledge of the vocabulary and the concepts of each chapter; vocabulary quizzes, followed by chapter quizzes, will gauge the student's grasp of the material. LatinDrill© will prove useful in preparing for these quizzes.
Midterms (after units 4, 8, 11):30% (10% each)
These exams reflect the vocabulary, grammatical concepts, cultural issues and literary passages that were addressed in groups of chapters, and are designed to aid the student in determining what components he or she has grasped successfully.
Final: 20%
This exam, administered at a day and time determined by the Registrar, is comprehensive and gauges how well the student has grasped the basics of the Latin language and Roman culture.
Homework assignments:10%
There will be written homework assignments during the course of each unit. For each assignment, students are to write out the assigned Latin or English, supply the answer, and then leave enough space to make any necessary corrections. Homework assignments will include posting to the chatroom one or more sentences, translations, and any grammatical notes you choose.
Class participation:20%
Class participation is an essential aspect of this course, especially because it is an intensive course that meets four days per week. Participation consists of preparing all assignments for class, attending class, and participating in class drills and discussions. Class work is a requirement, not an option.
Of course, if you do not attend class you can not participate in the in-class discussions. You may take 3 absences from the classroom during the semester without penalty -- no questions asked, no explanation necessary. After three absences, each absence will result in a lowering of the class participation component of 20% by one full grade.
Note: Absence from any quiz or exam without a written medical excuse will result in a grade of F for that assignment.

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