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Required: Moreland, F.L., and Fleischer, R.M. Latin: An Intensive Course. Berkeley: Univ. of California Press, 1977.

Recommended: Vis-Ed Latin Vocabulary Cards. Springfield, IL.

Chapter 1: Pandora's Box

Chapter 2: Phaethon

Chapter 4: Homework for Monday, Oct. 11

Chapter 4: Io

Chapter 4: Images

Chapter 5: Composition: Create Your Own Aeneid
  • You have been assigned one of three text-and-image paths composed by Prof. Mark Morford, Univ. of Virginia, on aspects of Vergil's Aeneid we have read this semester:
  • Follow the paths, noting both the main story and the possible vocabulary you might use in creating a brief epic.
  • Craft a portion of Vergil's epic story, using vocabulary we have learned (for additional vocabulary, use the English-Latin dictionary in the back of your book). Your epic should include the following:
    • active and passive verbal forms
    • indicative and subjunctive moods
    • all four types of participles (pres. act., pf. pass., fut. act. and fut. pass.); the fut. pass. must be used in a passive periphrastic
    • both the ablative and dative of agency
    • possum + an infinitive
    • substantial vocabulary from chapter 5
  • Have one person post the story to the chatroom on behalf of the group, and then use the chatroom as a way to edit and correct your group's story.
  • Your story must be completed by Sunday at 3pm.
  • To see the passages (and Arnush's corrections to the first), click here.
Chapter 6. Indirect Statement
  • Tuesday's overhead notes on indirect statement are now available on-line.
Chapter 7. Pronouns Chapter 8. Imperatives and Vocatives Chapter 10. Ablative Absolute
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