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  • Exams: 40% (20% Midterm, 20% Final)

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    Class participation will also include chatroom discussions; you will be assigned a specific question to address and will need to do so by the next class. You should compose your chatroom contributions as 300-word essays and should proofread and then post them.

Pompeiian Fresco
Naples Archaeological Museum
"For the art of writing is connected with that of speaking, and faultless reading precedes interpretation, and in all of these criticism has its work to perform .... Nor is it sufficient to have read the poets only; every kind of writer must be carefully studied, not merely for the subject matter but for the vocabulary, for words often acquire authority from their use by a particular author .... Unless the foundations of the orator-to-be are well and truly laid by this study of literature, the superstructure will collapse. This study is a necessity for [the young] and the delight of old age, the sweet companion of our privacy and the sole branch of study which has more solid substance than display" (Quintilian, Institutes of Oratory 1.4.1-5). 

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