CL 201:  Intermediate Latin I
The Oratory of Cicero

Book Review:  Catilina's Riddle
Due 3 May 1999 in class

Write a 2-3 page book review of Catilina's Riddle, by Stephen Saylor.  This is not a book reportóa basic overview of the contents of the book, with a bit of opinion near the endóbut an extended criticism that uses the contents of the book to make its point.

In other words, you must decide how you feel about the book overall, whether you liked it or hated it or somewhere in between.  Then use the review as a platform for making your opinion known, in a very focused and constructive way.  You may state your opinion from the start  and go on to elaborate, or you may ease the reader into your final verdict.

Your review should accomplish the following:

You might tackle each of these things a paragraph at a time, or you might favor a more organic approach.  In any event, your review should be analytical, thoughtful, and focused.

Your review must be typed, and double-spaced.  It is due in class on Monday, 3 May.

Posted 28 April 1999