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Textual Resources
Augustan Encomiums (P. Halsall, Fordham) 
(Horace's Secular Hymn; Vergil Aeneid VII, Anchises to Aeneas)
The Horace Project (L. Pearcy, S. Jones, Bryn Mawr) 
(Latin & English texts, bibliographies)
Horace (S. Willett, Diotima) 
(chronological biography; bibliography; translations of selected Odes)
Horace's Sabine Villa (B. Frischer, UCLA; G. Ponti, American Academy in Rome) 
(history; excavations)
Nicolaus of Damascus' Life of Augustus (J.P. Adams, Cal-State, Northridge) 
Ovid and the Metamorphoses (J. Gruber-Miller, Cornell College) 
(useful links on the poet and the poem)
ROB: Recent Ovidian Bibliography (S. Redmond, NYU) 
(searchable bibliographic database, since 1990)
Res Gestae Divi Augusti: "The Achievements of the Divine Augustus" 
(translation of Latin text by Brunt and Moore, courtesy V. Gorman, Nebraska)
Suetonius' Life of Augustus (J.P. Adams, Cal-State, Northridge) 
(summary of the Suetonian biography)
Tacitus' Annales (trans. Church & Brodribb) 
(book I, 14-15 AD)
Augustus and the Principate: Vergil and Tacitus (A. Scholtz, Conn.) 
(references to relevant passages in the Aeneid and Annales)
Vergil's Aeneid (A. Scholtz, Conn.) 
(study guide to the poem)
Vergil's Home Page (Pagina Domestica P. Vergili Maronis) (J. Farrell, Pennsylvania) 
(texts, bibliography, images, etc., with link to "The Vergil Project," resources for reading Vergil)
Virgil.Org (D. Wilson-Okamura, Chicago) 
(various resources related to the study of Vergil)
"In the Margins of the Past": Manuscripts as Historical Documents (Library of Congress) 
(includes the "Palatine Vergil" from the 5th-6th century)
Writing in Egypt under Greek and Roman Rule (P. Van Minnen, Duke) 
(papyri from Egypt detailing aspects of daily life)


Encyclopedic & Summary Articles
Projects related to the age of Augustus (J.P. Adams, Cal-State, Northridge): 
(summaries and tables)
"The Deification of Roman Women," by Marleen B. Flory, The Ancient History Bulletin 9.3-4 (1995) 127-134 
De Imperatoribus Romanis: Augustus (N. Coppolino; M. DiMaio, Salve Regina) 
(encyclopedic article; sources; bibliography)
Articles related to the life of Augustus (B. McManus, New Rochelle): 
(texts with links)
The House of Ptolemy: Caesar, Cleopatra, and Marcus Antonius and the Transition to a Greco-Roman (Roman Imperial) Egypt (A. Philippidis, no affiliation) 
(various links to websites related to the Ptolemies in the 1st century BC)
Octavian and Antony: The Rise of Augustus (J. Porter, Saskatchewan) 
(historical synopsis)


Art & Architectural Resources
Augustus: Images of Power (M. Morford, Virginia) 
(images with textual explanations)
Augustus and the Early Roman Empire (K. Andrus-Walck, Colorado-Colorado Springs) 
(images with limited text)
Forum Augustum (Institut fuer Klassische Archaeologie, Erlangen, Germany) 
(images and reconstruction)
Forum Augustum (A. Wickham, Oxford) 
Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome (L. Curran, SUNY Buffalo) 
(excellent images and thumbnails of sites in Italy and Sicily; note the "Virgilian Sites")
Plan de Rome: Model of the City of Rome (P. Bigot, Caen) 
(maquette of the architecture of the city, from Augustus to the Severans)
Portrait of Augustus (Kelsey Museum, Michigan) 
(two views of a portrait bust)
Prima Porta: Villa of Livia (P. Liljenstolpe and A. Klynne, Uppsala) 
(official site webpage)
Riley Collection: Augustus (J. Gruber-Miller, Cornell College) 
(images and text related to a portrait bust in Iowa)
Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins: Augustus;VCRC: Full Catalog (R. Cape, Austin) 
(catalogue of coins from the age of Augustus; from the Roman world)
"Wondrous Glass: Reflections on the World of Rome" (Kelsey Museum, Michigan) 
(glass and glass-making, 50 BC - 650 AD)


DIR. Antique and Medieval Atlas: Map of Empire, AD 1 (C. Nussli, DIR) 
(detailed topographical maps with place names)
DIR. Antique and Medieval Atlas: Maps of Roman Empire (C. Nussli, DIR) 
(detailed topographical maps with place names)
Augustan Economy: Trade Routes and Goods (M. Arnush, using C. Nussli's DIR map)
(trade routes and times, natural resources and traded goods)


Chronologies: 50-26 BC; 25-1 BC; 1-25 AD (GeoCities) 
(annotated chronologies)
Chronologies: Octavian; Age of Augustus (J. Ruebel, Iowa State & M. Arnush, Skidmore) 
(political, military, legal, literary, artistic, social categories)


Bibliographies & Journals
Augustan Bibliography (M. Arnush, Skidmore) 
(partial bibliography on the Augustan age, in English)
City of Rome in the Time of Augustus (J.P. Adams, Cal-State, Northridge) 
(bibliography, chronology)
ANRW: Aufstieg und Niedergang der Romischen Welt (J. Ruebel, Iowa State) 
(searchable on-line journal)
TOCS-IN: Tables of Contents of Journals of Interest to Classicists (Toronto) 
(search engine for journal tables of contents)


Search Engines
ARGOS: Limited Area Search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet (Evansville) 
(search engine for Classics and subdisciplines)
DIOTIMA: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World (R. Scaife, Kentucky) 
(searchable bibliographies, primary sources, images, etc.)


Small Stemma of the Family of Augustus (J. Gruber-Miller, Cornell) 
(simple genealogical table)
Large Stemma of the Julio-Claudian Family (J. Vanderspoel, Calgary) 
(complex genealogical table)


Evaluating Internet Resources
Practical Steps in Evaluating Internet Resources (Johns Hopkins) 
(how to evaluate the author, publisher and currency of on-line documents)
On-line Resources for Writers (All-College Writing Board, Skidmore) 
(links to websites on evaluating websites; on-line dictionaries, grammars)
Evaluating Internet Sites and Sources (Scribner Library, Skidmore) 
(multiple websites on evaulation of websites)