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With few exceptions, all of the following books are available in Scribner Library on non-circulating open reserve.

An asterisk () indicates that the book is available from Prof. Curley instead.

© 1994 D. E. Curley
Manuscripts, Florence
Adkins, A. W. H.  (1985)

Poetic Craft in the Early Greek Elegists.  Chicago.

Anhalt, E. K.  (1993)

Solon the Singer: Politics and Poetics.  Lanham.

Bowra, C. M.  (1961)

Greek Lyric Poetry from Alcman to Simonides.  Oxford.

Bowra, C. M.  (1969)

Early Greek Elegists: Martin Classical Lectures vol. 7.  New York.

Burnett, A. P.  (1983)

Three Archaic Poets: Archilochus, Alcaeus, Sappho.  Harvard.


Burnett, A. P.  (1985)
The Art of Bacchylides.  Harvard.
Campell, D. A.  (1982-1993)

Greek Lyric vols. 1, 2, & 4.  Harvard.

Campell, D. A.  (1991)

Greek Lyric III: Stesichorus, Ibycus, Simonides, and Others.   Harvard.

Campell, D. A.  (1993)

Greek Lyric V: The New School of Poetry and Anonymous Songs and Hymns.  Harvard.

Crotty, K.  (1982)

Song and Action: The Victory Odes of Pindar.

Darcus Sullivan, S.  (1993) 

"The Role of Person and Thymos in Pindar and Bacchylides" Revue de Philologie et D'Histoies 71.1, 46-68.

Edmonds, J. M.  (1927)

Lyra Graeca: Being the Remains of All the Greek Lyric Poets From Eumelus to Timotheus Excepting Pindar, vol. 3.  London.

Ehrenberg, V.  (1968)

From Solon to Socrates: Greek History and Civilization During the 6th and 5th Centuries BC.  London.

Gerber, D. E.  (1999)

Greek Elegiac Poetry From the Seventh to the Fifth Centuries BC.   Harvard.

Gerber, D. E.  (1999)

Greek Iambic Poetry From the Seventh to the Fifth Centuries BC.   Harvard.

Kurke, L.   (1991) 

The Traffic in Praise: Pindar and the Poetics of Social Economy. Myth and Poetics Series.  Cornell.

Lefkowitz, M. R.  (1981)

The Lives of the Greek Poets. Johns Hopkins.

Lefkowitz, M. R.  (1991) 

First-Person Fictions. Pindar's Poetic 'I'.  Oxford.

Levine, D., Gregory, P. and Gregory, J.  (trans.)  (1975)

The Fables of Aesop.  Boston.

Miller, S. G.  (ed.)  (1991)

Arete: Greek sports from ancient sources. Berkeley.

Page, D.  (1975)

Sappho and Alcaeus: An Introduction to the Study of Ancient Lesbian Poetry.  Oxford

Podlecki, A. J.  (1984)

The Early Greek Poets and Their Times.  Vancouver.

Race, W. H.  (1990) 

Style and Rhetoric in Pindar's Odes. American Philological Association, American Classical Studies no. 24 Pp ix+226.  Atlanta.

Rayor, D. J.  (1991)

Sappho's Lyre: Archaic Lyric and Women Poets of Ancient Greece.   California.

Segal, C.  (1997) 

Aglaia: The Poetry of Alcman, Sappho, Pindar, Bacchylides, and Corinna.  Lanham.

Weigall, A.  (1932)

Sappho of Lesbos: Her Life and Times.  New York.

West, M. L.  (trans.)  (1993)

Greek Lyric Poetry: The Poems and Fragments of the Greek Iambic, Elegiac, and Melic Poets (Excluding Pindar and Bacchylides) down to 450 B.C.  Oxford.

Wilson, L. H.  (1996)

Sappho's Sweetbitter Songs: Configurations of Female and Male in Ancient Greek Lyric.  London.

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