Reading Schedule
WF 12:20-1:40
Course Requirements
BO 382
Required Reading
Course Objectives:  
Goals: To learn the terminology associated with Roman art, architecture, and archaeology.
To gain specific knowledge of selected works of Roman art and archaeology.
To use objects and monuments as historical and cultural evidence in order to understand the past and its relationship to the present.
Skills: To analyze works of art and archaeology formally, spatially, temporally, and iconographically.
To find, evaluate and differentiate among primary and secondary sources.
To communicate effectively and precisely in writing and speaking.
Course Requirements:  


Final  30%
Papers (2) 30%, 15% each
Class Work 15% 
NOTE: Class work includes class attendance and participation. Participation means coming to class having done the reading for the day and ready to engage in discussion. Class work is a requirement, not an option.

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