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Online resources

Texts. This class uses an online text called ÆON (Ancient Etymology Online), which was developed especially for CL 100. ÆON has two parts, a Textbook and a Workbook. Every week we will focus on a single unit in each. Your grade will be determined in large part from your performance on the exercises in the Workbook.

  • Click here to access ÆON.


Course requirements. Your grade in CL 100 will be assessed on the basis of how many points you earn during the term. There are three ways to earn points:

The ÆON Workbook. Each unit of the Workbook features between three and five online exercises, each of which is worth approximately 25-50 points, depending on the number of answers to be supplied. You will proceed through the Workbook at the rate of one unit per week, accumulating as many points as you can. You may attempt each exercise up to three times: ÆON will record your highest score.

Final exam. The final exam is scheduled for 00 May (Xxxxday) from 00:00 to 00:00 x.m. The exam will be comprehensive, incorporating material from January through May.

Special project. A small project will be assigned during the second half of the semester. Guidelines for the project will follow. (200 points total.)

  • Click here to view the project guidelines.

There are, then, approximately 1200 possible points to earn over the course of this semester. Your final grade is directly dependent on your point totals. Here is the grading scale:

Point totals
Letter grade
Point totals
Letter grade
1151 or more
900 - 851
1150 - 1101
850 -801
1100 - 1051
800 - 751
1050 - 1001
750 - 701
1000 - 951
700 - 651
950 - 901
650 - 601

Totals of 600 or less will incur an F. Note that there is a small margin between A-level work and the total number of points possible. This scale will be strictly applied to all members of the class—no exceptions.

A word on Class participation. Although this class meets only once per week, I will take attendance. Furthermore, I expect that you will come to class on time and that you will maintain an environment that promotes the exchange of ideas. Unexcused absences from class will result in the subtraction of 50 points from your overal total; late arrivals will subtract 25 points.

  • Click here to view my attendance and late work policies.

Be sure to consult the Timetable for the dates of the various requirements. Since you are enrolled in a number of courses, each with its own requirements, plan accordingly when scheduling your time. Think ahead so that you can honor all of your commitments.

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