CL 104: Elementary Greek
MWF 8:50-10:00
BO 101

Students in this course will finish learning the basics of ancient Greek, the foundation of Latin and English, and will read selections from Xenophon's Anabasis. The object of the course is for the student to learn the fundamentals of Greek grammar and syntax and to apply that knowledge to reading original Greek prose.

Required texts:

Groton, A. From Alpha to Omega. Newburyport, MA: Focus Press, 1995.
Mather and Hewitt. Xenophon's Anabasis. U. of Oklahoma Press, 1946
Marinone and Guala. Tutti i Verbi Greci. Principato, 1970


Course Requirements:

Quizzes: 10% We will have frequent vocabulary and grammar quizzes, some announced, some unannounced, so students need to be prepared every day.


40% (20% each) The two midterms will reflect the vocabulary, grammatical concepts, and literary passages that were addressed in groups of chapters and are designed to aid the student in determining what components he or she has grasped successfully.
Final: 30% This exam is comprehensive and gauges how well the student has grasped the basics of the Greek language and culture.
Class Work: 20% Class work is a major part of your grade and includes attendance as well as participation in class. Participation means coming to class with the homework completed and being ready to engage actively in the lesson for the day. If you do not attend class you can not participate in class. Class work is a requirement, not an option.









Prof. Leslie Mechem, Classics Dept. Chair
Skidmore College
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