CL206 Homer's Iliad
TuTh 9.40-11.00 LI 442
Prof. Michael Arnush
Ladd 209 x5462 Hours MTuTh 11-12



Achilles (detail), Red-Figure Amphora
Achilles Painter, 445-440BC, Rome
Vatican Museums



The first epic poem from the Greek world – indeed, the first work of Greek literature – is the focus of our study. We will read the opening book of Homer’s Iliad and the fateful confrontation between the hero Achilles and King Agamemnon, and portions of Book VI, where Hector and Andromache have their tearful farewell scene on the walls of Troy. Students will read the Greek in the epic meter of dactylic hexameter and examine
scholarship that deals with the authorship of the Iliad, the literary qualities of epic poetry, and the society of Homeric Greece. We will also conduct a series of “virtual class meetings” in video conferences with Greek students at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY.
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