Brief Presentations on Scholarship

Each student will present a 15 minute report on an individual scholarly article or book chapter. Students will select a work from the reading list on a first-come, first-served basis and circulate focus questions at least one class meeting prior to the presentation. Please note that there is scholarship on reserve, and in my office, for most of the short report topics, and you are expected to examine these prior to your report. In addition, there are plentiful resources in the Scribner Library that you should examine as well.
February 9 Short report
  • Mark Mucha: George, P. "Style and Character in the Satyricon," Arion 5 (1966) 336-358.
February 16 Short report
  • Ellen Hohmann: Arrowsmith, W. "Luxury and Death in the Satyricon," Arion 5 (1966) 304-331.
February 22 PBS program
  • 8-9pm on PBS (ch. 11): "NOVA. Secrets of Lost Empires: Roman Bath"
February 23 Short report
March 1 Short report
  • Jeff Bussmann: Beck, R., "Some Observations on the Narrative Technique of Petronius," Phoenix 27 (1973) 42-61.
  • March 6 Topic statement
    • Alex Carballo: D'Arms, J.H., "Slaves and Roman Convivia," and Jones, C.P., "Dinner Theater,"in W.J. Slater, ed., Dining in a Classical Context. Ann Arbor: Univ. of Michigan, 1991, 171-198.
    • One-paragraph summary of research paper due
    March 8 Midterm
    • In-class exam: Latin translation, essay
    March 20 Short report
    • Tristan Power: Conte, G.B.,"The Quest for a Genre (or Chasing Will o' the Wisps?)," in The Hidden Author: An Interpretation of Petronius' Satyricon. Berkeley: Univ. of California, 1996, 140-170.
    April 3 Short report
    • Matt Kugler: Goddard, J., "The Tyrant at Table," in Reflections of Nero: Culture, History, and Representation, eds. J. Elsner and J. Masters. Chapel Hill and London: Univ. of North Carolina, 1994, 67-82.
    • One-paragraph thesis and working bibliography due: responses via email
    • Conducting Research in Classics
    April 10-- Final readings
    • Chapters 47, 62, 67, 71-2, 75-8
    April 19 Final presentations
    • Jeff Bussmann, Tristan Power
    April 24 Final presentations
    • Alex Carballo, Jamie Garfield, Mark Mucha
    April 26 Final presentations
    • Ellen Hohmann, Matt Kugler