HI361F "Alexander the Great"
TTH 2.10-3.30 Ladd 207
Prof. Michael Arnush
Ladd 209 x5462 Hours MTTh 11-12
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Alexander Mosaic (detail)
Naples Arch. Museum



Alexander the Great, King of Macedon, champion of the Greeks and conqueror of the world, was a complex and fascinating figure who has captivated the interest of historians and romantics since his death in 323/322 B.C. Alexander’s legacy is profound, for it was with him that the “harvest of Hellenism” spread throughout the known world. He has come to symbolize worldly glory and conquest, and modern critics have viewed him as a dashing adventurer, a ruthless tyrant, and a self-aggrandizing, superhuman living god. We will examine the life and career of Alexander through the eyes of his contemporaries and later classical biographers and historians.


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