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Homer was an oral poet, whose works were recited aloud before an audience.  The original experience of engaging the poet's work was fundamentally different from that of today, when the Iliad and the Odyssey are read instead of heard.

     The major project for this term is to bring Homer to life his poetry, at least — by exploring the possibilities of oral performance.

     Each student in CL 224 will memorize a portion of Homer's Odyssey, book 9 (Richard Fagles' translation).  At the end of the term, the class will gather and offer a dramatic recitation (from memory) of book 9 to the Skidmore College community.  Portions of the book 9 will be divided among the class as evenly as possible.

     This project can only be realized if requirements and deadlines are strictly observed.  Line assignments will be made in the third week of classes.  From that point on, each student is responsible for memorizing his or her lines.

     The general procedure for the recitation will be for each student to recite his or her portion of Odyssey 9 in sequence, voice after voice.  That said, the class as a whole is responsible for directing the recitation — how the reciters are arranged, what they wear, and so forth.  We will devote one class day to rehearsing the recitation;  if other rehearsals are required, the class should arrange for them.  Prof. Curley will provide only limited feedback and direction.

    Think big, work hard, and (above all) have fun!

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