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Cupids from Pompeii

With the demise of CL 202 (Vergil) under reconfiguration, some members of this seminar will not yet have had experience in reading Latin poetry.

     What this means is that there must be two different semester projects, one for each level of student in CL 310, providing an equal challenge for both.

     All students will choose a poem by Propertius (listed on the Selections Page).  Some students will write a commentary on the poem, while others will write a research paper.  Note that there are other factors, such as prior seminar experience, that will determine which project you will have.  I will assign the projects on the first day of class.

     Use the following pages to learn more about the semester project.  All students should consult the Deadlines and Selections pages.  In addition:

— students doing the commentary should consult the Commentary Page;
— students doing the research paper should consult the Paper Page.

     You will also find the Writing in Classics pages to be useful, as well as the search engines and forms on our Resources Page.

If you have any questions or comments, be sure to contact Prof. Curley.

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