Pompeiian fresco, 1st c. AD


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Over the course of the semester you will develop an historical perspective on the Roman Republic and Empire in our MWF class meetings. On Tuesday afternoons from 4-5pm you will work towards a deeper understanding of the varieties and qualities of the ancient sources in preparation for a research paper.
CC290 has one primary focus: to provide you with the necessary skills to write a successful research paper at the 200-level in a History/Classics course. Although many of the bibliographic tools you will employ are discipline-specific, the methodologies you will explore and adopt are applicable across disciplines within the College's curriculum.
CC290 consists of four projects that build upon each other and lead to the development of a research paper. Over the course of the semester we will meet either in LADD 206 or a computer lab (TBA) and work on research skills. The Projects include developing a methodological approach to research; becoming acquainted with the types and qualities of print and electronic resources available for research; using primary sources to craft an argument; and crafting the topic, thesis, abstract, bibliography, rough and final drafts of a research paper. In addition, we will conduct a roundtable discussion during midterm week on "Academic Integrity and the Honor Code."
You will receive a grade for CC290 separate from your HI202 grade. The four Projects carry the following weight:
Project 1 10% Exploring the Library: Biography
Project 2 25% Locating Sources
Project 3 25% Panel Discussions
Project 4 10%

Research Paper: Thesis

Project 4 10%

Research Paper: Abstract

Project 4 10%

Research Paper: Bibliography

Project 4 10%

Research Paper: Rough Draft

The grades assigned to your essays are grades that you earn based upon criteria that look for clarity, organization and creativity.
Note that the final grade for the Research Paper counts 30% towards your HI202 grade.
The schedule below includes all Tuesday meetings (highlighted in green) plus other important dates for the semester.

September 13 What is research?
Project 1: Exploring the Library: Biography (due Monday, September 24)
September 25 Introduction to Print and Electronic Sources
Project 2: Locating Sources (due Monday, October 8)
October 9

Using Primary Sources to Craft an Argument
Project 3: Panel Discussions on Roman imperialism, political campaigning and external threats (presentations Friday, October 12)
Essay assignment (due Monday, October 15)

October 15 Essay due
October 22 Study Day
October 23

Roundtable discussion: Spartacus
Spartacus View: Spartacus

October 24 Midterm
October 30

The research paper
Project 4:
Developing the thesis, abstract and bibliography (due Monday, November 12); final paper topics

November 13 The rough draft
Project 4: Completion of a rough draft (due Friday, November 30)
November 27 Discussion preparation: Rome in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD
December 11 The final draft
Project 4:
Final draft due Thursday, December 13, 4.30pm, LADD 209