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Classics Department
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1 Second Punic War
Flash map of war; static map
RR ch. 5 pp. 50-56; HAR Polybius 3.1, 4, 6-17, 20-30; Livy 21.1-48, 52-63; 22.3-7, 44-51; 30.28-37
3 Conquest of the East and the Consequences of Empire RR chs. 6-7
5 Rome: The Imperial Power RR ch. 8 pp. 80-90
8 The Gracchi
RR chs. 8-10; HAR Appian 1.1-26; LR 1.96-98, 101-102
9 CC290 Meeting: LADD 206
Essay assignment

10 Marius RR chs. 11-12
12 Project 3: Panel Discussions
15 Sulla
Essay due
L&R 1.81, 83, 103-104
17 Gravediggers of the Republic
RR ch. 14 pp. 154-162; Cicero Against Verres I
19 133-70 BC discussion
Midterm prep:
22 Study Day
23 CC290 Meeting: LADD 206  
24 Midterm  
26 Case Study: Catilinarian Conspiracy
Cicero: A Life
RR ch. 14 pp. 162-169; HAR Sallust Catilinarian Conspiracy
Questions for the chatroom
29 Antony, Caesar & Cicero
Cicero: A Life
For Monday, do the common readings and then the reading to which you have been assigned. Come to class prepared to discuss the question related to your reading.
RR ch. 15; LR 1.108-110
1. Cicero Second Philippic against Antony (Jeff, Sierra, Chris, Sanna, Nils, Joe)
Question: What does this speech reveal about the relationships among Caesar, Antony and Cicero?
2. HAR Julius Caesar Commentary on the Gallic War 1 (Adam, Sara, John, Patrick, Gill, Ed)
Question: What does Caesar's views on his conquest of the Gauls reveal about his/Roman attitudes towards other cultures?
3. Cicero Correspondence (Katie, Naomi, Natalka, Nick, Tom, Kari)
Question: What are Cicero's innermost thoughts towards the struggle for the soul of the Republic?
30 CC290 Meeting: LADD 206  
31 Octavian, Antony & Cleopatra RR Epilogue; RE ch. 1