Pompeiian fresco, 1st c. AD


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Project 1: Exploring the Library: Biography (due Monday, Sept. 24)

This project asks you to use the resources of Scribner Library, the Web and the course materials to construct a biography of a Roman author. You will have nearly two weeks to complete this project. You must type your answers and hand in the completed, stapled assignment in class on Monday, September 24th. This assignment requires some careful reading and investigation, and your work may benefit from fruitful discussions with your colleagues in class. You may consult your classmates and share your results, but the final written work must be your own exclusively.
You may also seek assistance from the reference librarians in Scribner Library, particularly John Cosgrove, the Classics librarian (LIB 131, x5522). You can also consult John at the Reference Desk of the Library Wednesdays 3-6pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-10pm. The librarians will not provide the specific answers to the questions on the assignment, but they can help you understand what types of resources in Scribner and on-line may lead you to the correct answer.
Some resources for Project 1: Exploring the Library: Biography.
Take me to Project 1: Exploring the Library: Biography. Bona fortuna!