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The major project for this term is to conceive, compose, and perform an original Greek tragedy in English, of course.  Your tragedy should conform to the conventions of ancient drama as closely as possible, especially with regard to verbal and procedural aspects (prologues, messenger speeches, marking of entrances and exits, choral odes, and so on).

The project will be divided among your group as evenly as possible.  The date of the performance has yet to be finalized, but it is tentatively scheduled for an evening within the last week of classes (April 30 - May 4).

This is an ambitious project, to be sure, but it is possible to achieve within a single semester.  Requirements and their deadlines must be observed.  That said, constraints of time and resources make it impossible to mount a full-scale theatrical production.  You should therefore aim for to produce a drama about 700 - 1000 verses long (with a running time of approximately 1 hour).

You will find that how much time and effort you put into staging, costuming, choral routines, and other aspects of the play will need constant re-evaluation.  Whatever you decide, be sure that the entire group (or at least the majority) is in agreement.

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