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Over the course of the semester you will develop writing skills (outlined in the Overview) that will help you craft clear and cogent prose, and study skills that will assist you in doing fine work on an exam. The course requirements are designed to help you sharpen these skills. You will write one short (3-4 pages) essay that asks you to research, compare and analyze primary sources only on an assigned topic. You will also prepare a final project that requires you to compose an ancient document - a portion of a history, an inscription, etc. - reflecting your understanding of the sources for Greek history. You will write a series of short responses in the electronic discussion board, the Forum (250 words, equal to one typed page), one midterm and one final exam: the weekly responses will focus your attention on the reading, the midterm will cover the material up until the exam, and the final exam will be comprehensive.
Class participation includes preparation of readings and assignments, and participation in discussions in the classroom and in the Forum. Obviously, if you do not attend class you can not participate in the in-class discussions, and participation in the Forum is not a substitute for classroom contributions. Come to class and contribute.
All assignments and exams will have set deadlines. These deadlines will be announced in advance and are non-negotiable; any that you miss will earn a grade of "F."
Participation 10% Daily

Responses (Forum)

10% Weekly

Short essay

15% Oct. 3 (draft); Oct. 15 (final)
Midterm exam 15% October 17
Project 25% December 11, Thurs., noon
Final exam 25% December 17, Wed., 1.30pm