CL210: Intermediate Latin (Ovid's Art of Love): LINKS


Do I know you?

Useful Links

Notre Dame Latin Dictionary and Grammar aid: An easy-to-use online Latin dictionary, with lots of links to other high-quality Latin resources on the web.

Dale Grote's online study guide to Wheelock's Latin: A very valuable resource: more detailed explanations of grammatical concepts covered in Wheelock, with basic exercises to reinforce knowledge of concepts and forms. The guide was written for the 4th edition of Wheelock, and therefore only covers 35 of the 40 chapters, but it is still quite helpful otherwise.

Professor Grote also has a glossary of grammatical terms relating to the study of Latin. If you're stumbling against unfamiliar terminology, try this site.

University of Victoria Wheelock exercises: Hundreds of on-line exercises designed to go with the forty chapters of Wheelock's Latin.

Pronunication of Latin flash audio files: Including both basic sounds (vowels, diphthongs) and individuals words for every chapter of Wheelock's Latin.

Fun Links

The Latin Lover: From Vatican radio, podcasts of conversations with "the Pope's Latinist," Reginald Foster, a Carmelite friar and one of the world's greatest living Latinists. (NOTA BENE: The Latin spoken in these podcasts is pronounced in the Ecclesiastical rather than the Classical fashion.)

Latin Phrases and Quotes: A huge archive of Latin sayings, expressions, and quotations. There's even a Latin forum in case you want to ask how to translate Dirty Harry into Latin.

rogueclassicism: A blog on Classics (and especially Latin/Roman) topics of general interest. Includes the regular features "this day in ancient history" and "classical word of the day."

Nuntii Latini: A Finnish web site offering a weekly podcast of world news in Latin (with text and discussion forums).

Ephemeris: Another news site, this one an online newspaper in Latin with news, culture, movie reviews, recipes, crosswords and more.

Ars Amatoria 21st Century (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4): A group of college students updates the Ars Amatoria for YouTube. Contains no accurate information about either Latin or Ovid. Bizarre, sophomoric, hard to follow. Very entertaining.