Classics on Film : Site map
The Classics on Film home page.  Are we not entertained?

An overview of the course:

Introduction:  the big picture.
Objectives:  what students will gain from the course.
Instructors:  your professor and peer mentor.

Films:  what we're screening this term.
Texts:  books to purchase.
Requirements:  assignments, exams, and other bases for grading.


Important dates:

Screenings:  week-by-week schedule of films
Milestones:  other crucial dates for the course and the fall semester.


Guidelines for in-class presentations on our films:

Introduction:  overview and purpose.
Requirements:  guidelines for selecting and discussing sequences.
Schedule:  order of presentations.


Guidelines for the semester project:

Introduction:  what the project is about.
Guidelines:  strategies for success.

Milestones:  assignments and due dates.


A virtual library of readings, websites, and databases:

Readings:  author fact sheets, primary and secondary sources.
Film & cinema:  useful web and print resources.
Classical studies:  websites for understanding the ancient world.

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