HI202 Roman History Required Texts


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IM = Africa, T.W. The Immense Majesty: A History of Rome and the Roman Empire. NY: Harlan Davidson, 1991 repr.
Livy = Livy. The Early History of Rome: Books I-V of 'The History of Rome from its foundation.' Trans. A. De Sélincourt. NY and London: Penguin, 1981.
Cic.=Cicero. Selected Readings. NY and London: Penguin, 19xx.
Tac. = Tacitus. The Annals of Imperial Rome. Trans. and rev. M. Grant. NY and London: Penguin, 1989.

Distributed during the semester:

"Four Catilinarian Speeches" from Cicero, Selected Political Speeches, trans. M. Grant (NY and London: Penguin, 1989).
"Lives of Augustus and Caligula" from Suetonius, The Twelve Caesars, trans. R. Graves, rev. M. Grant (NY and London: Penguin, 1979).
"Dinner with Trimalchio" from Petronius, Satyricon, trans. J.P. Sullivan (NY and London: Penguin, 1977).

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LR = Lewis, N., and Reinhold, M., eds. Roman Civilization: Selected Readings. I: The Republic and the Augustan Age; II: The Empire. 3rd ed. NY: Columbia, 1990 (2 copies of each volume)