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I. Introduction / Argument
A. Conquest of Italy in early Republic prepared Rome for
subsequent conquest of Mediterranean
     B. Conquest fueled by political ambition and national pride

II. Early Republican Conflicts
     A. Etruscans

     B. Latin League: Battle of Lake Regillus
          1. alliance = foedus aequum
     2. earlier alliance with Carthage as model

     C. Volsci, Aequi
     1. patrician/plebeian dissent and Roman response
          2. strengthening of army
          3. Rome destroys Veii in 396

     D. Celts
          1. Rome sacked in 390
          2. Rome's acquiescence
          3. Rebuilding of Rome and army
          4. Rome's prestige diminished
          5. Rome conquers Italy by 338
          6. Roman treatment of vanquished

     E. Samnites
          1. Similarities between Rome and Samnite League
          2. Potential benefits of conquest over Samnites
          3. Battle of Caudine Forks
          4. Battle of Sentinum
          5. Roman conquest of non-Celtic Italy

III. Impact of Italian Conflicts on Rome
     A. Plebeian secession

     B. Lex Hortensia

     C. Focus on southern, Greek Italy
          1. Tarentum
          2. Pyrrhus

IV. Conclusion
     A. Conquest of Italy prepared Rome for conquest of Mediterranean

     B. Expansion driven by nationalism and ambition


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