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Students graduating with a major or minor in Classics who are considering applying to a graduate program have a number of options available to them. One avenue is to apply directly to graduate programs, either for a Masters or a Ph.D. in Classics, Archaeology or Ancient History. The Department office contains current directories of such programs. You can also access a comprehensive list maintained by Williams College.

Not sure whether graduate school is for you? Read these articles from the Chronicle on Higher Education on whether graduate school is right for you ....

The other avenue is to enroll in a "postbaccalaureate program." Postbaccalaureates are intended to prepare bachelors of arts for graduate study; they focus on sharpening your skills in ancient Greek and Latin and preparing you for a Masters or Ph.D. program of study. Some postbaccalaureate programs have excellent records of placing their students in graduate school. We recommend the following postbaccalaureate programs:

For further information, contact Prof. Michael Arnush, chair of the Department.

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