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LatinDrill©, a Java-scripted program, will help you practice the forms and meanings of Latin vocabulary found in Moreland and Fleischer's text. Each of you will receive a username and password at the beginning of the semester. Once you've logged on, select "paradigms" or "vocabulary." For each, you will need to "load" a specific chapter and select "practice" or "scored practice"; "vocabulary" also gives you the option of Latin-->English or English-->Latin. You will need to login to LatinDrill© weekly, practice your paradigms and vocabulary, and then do a "scored practice" for each. Note: the scoring is to indicate to you and to me how well you are mastering the forms and meaning of Latin words, and will help prepare you for in-class quizzes and exams.
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    Appia (Kat Burns) Julia (Stacy Meisinger)
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    Gnaeus (Jacob Fisher) Titus (Joseph Ruiz)
    Publia (Joann Harnden) Manius (Jerry Simatos)
    Decimus (Bob Horsman) Publius (Justin Stecz)
    Lucius (Robert Kurtz) Sextia (Ava Tanny)

    Spurius (password: fides) Vibia (password: pietas)

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