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There are a number of texts on closed reserve. Some will be utilized for readings; others are for your use in doing research on your papers/oral presentations.


Author Title Call Number
Cohen, Ada Alexander Mosaic: Stories of Victory and Defeat NA3770.C58 1997
Ling, Roger Ancient Mosaics NA3760.L55 1998
Grant, Michael Art and Life of Pompeii and Herculaneum N5769.G7 1979
Pollitt, Jereme Jordan Art of Rome, c. 753 BC - 337 AD N5760.P57
  Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum volumes 1-5 DG70.P7 C645
Brown, Frank Edward Cosa III: the Buildings of the Forum: Colony, Municipium, and Village. DG70.C63 C67 1997 vol. 37
Bruno, Vincent
Scott, Russell
Cosa IV: the Houses DG70.C63 C67 1998 vol. 38
Jongman, Willem Economy and Society of Pompeii DG70.P7 J65 1988
Pliny, the Elder Elder Pliny's Chapters on the History of Art. N5610.P6 1968
Jashemski, Wilhelmina Gardens of Pompeii: Herculaneum and the villas destroyed by Vesuvius N5769.J37 G3
Deiss, Joseph Jay Herculaneum: Italy's Buried Treasure DG70.H5 D38 1989
Wallace-Hadrill, Andrew Houses and Society in Pompeii and Herculaneum DG70.P7 W33 1994
Clarke, John R. Houses of Roman Italy,
100 BC - AD 250:
Ritual, Space, and Decoration
NA324. C57 1991
McKay, Alexander Houses, Villas, and Palaces in the Roman World NA324.M32
Gabriel, Mabel Livia's Garden Room at Prima Porta ND2575.G3
Clarke, John R. Looking at Lovemaking: constructions of sexuality in Roman Art, 100 BC - AD 250 ND2575.G3
Maiuri, Amedeo Pompei N5770.M328
Richardson, Lawrence Pompeii: an architectural history NA327.P6 R53 1988
Ward-Perkins, J.B. Pompeii, AD 79: treasures from the National Archaeological Museum, Naples, with contributions from the Pompeii Antiquarium DG70.P7 W34
Brilliant, Richard Pompeii AD 79: the treasure of rediscovery DG70.P7 B73 1979
Kraus, Theodor Pompeii and Herculaneum: the living cities of the dead N5769.K7213
Mau, August Pompeii, its Life and Art DG70.P7 M4413 1982
Parslow, Christopher Rediscovering Antiquity: Karl Weber and the excavation of Herculaneum, Pompeii, and Stabiae DG70.P7 P37 1995
Leach, Eleanor Rhetoric of Space: literary and artistic representations of landscape in Republican and Augustan Rome PA6029.N4 L44 1988
Laurence, Ray Roman Pompeii: Space and Society DG70.P7 L38 1996
Gazda, Elaine editor Roman Art in the Private Sphere: new perspectives on the architecture and decor of the domus, villa, and insula N5760.R66 1991
Little, Alan Roman Bridal Drama at the Villa of the Mysteries ND2575.L57 1972
Dixon, Suzanne Roman Family HQ511.D59 1991
Rawson, Beryl
Weaver, Paul editors
Roman Family in Italy: status, sentiment, space HQ511.R65 1997
Gardener, Jane
Wiedemann, Thomas
Roman Household: a scourcebook HQ511.R66 1991
Treggiari, Susan Roman Marriage: iusti coniuges from the time of Cicero to the time of Ulpain KJA2233.T74 1991
Ling, Roger Roman Painting ND120.L56 1990
Little, Alan Roman Perspective Painting and the Ancient Stage ND2575.l571
Kleiner, Diana Roman Sculpture NB115.K57 1992
Curtis, Robert
Studia Pompeiana & Classica in honor of Wilhelmina F. Jahemski DG70.P7 S89 1988
Hawley, Richard
Levick, Barbara
Women in Antiquity: new assessments HQ1127.W65 1995


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