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Sept 9: Background and antecedents  
Sept 14-16: Imperial Art and Plebeian Art, the City of Rome  
Sept 21-23: The Roman Domus and Familia  
Sept 28-30: Public vs. Private Life in Pompeii  
Oct 5: The Function and Articulation of the Domus Reserve Reading: Wallace-Hadrill, Chaps. 1-3
Oct 7: Patrons and Patronage Ling, Chaps. 10, 11, Zanker, Chap. 3, pgs. 135-145
Oct 12-14: The Four Styles of Wall Painting Ling, Chaps. 2-5; Clarke, Chap. 2; Vitruvius packet
Reserve Reading: Pliny, Painting, Book XXXV, 15-52, 116-122, 147-149
Oct 19-21: Other Decorative Elements: Mosaics, Gardens, Sculpture, Pottery, Silver Ling, Roman Painting, Chaps. 6, 7; Reserve Reading: Ling, Ancient Mosaics, Chap. 3; Gazda, Chap. 3; Jashemski, Chap. 2
Oct 26-28: Pompeii, Herculaneum, Ostia, Oplontis  
Nov 2-4: Case Studies of Houses Clarke, Chaps. 3-4,
Zanker, Chap. 3 pgs. 145-192
Nov 9-11: Case Studies of Houses Clarke, Chap. 5; Rough drafts due Nov. 15, No class on the 16th
Nov 18: Student Presentations

Doug: Villa of the Papyri

Grace: House of the Faun

Nov 23: Student Presentations

Kat: Villa of the Mysteries

Ellen: Gardens: the change from Republic to Empire

Nov 30-Dec 2: Student Presentations

Denise: Sculptural Ensembles

Kristina: House of the Faun

Jamie: Ostia

Alex: Mosaics


Dec 7-9: Final Discussion Clarke, Chaps. 6-8, Conclusion; Zanker, Chap. 3 pgs. 192-203




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