AH 222:
Greek Art and Archaeology

Prof. Leslie Mechem Ladd 211 x5464
lmechem@skidmore.edu Hours: MWF 10-11

Web Resources

Web Resources :

Crane, G. The Perseus Project. Boston: Tufts University, 2001.

The Perseus website (the italicized title above is a link) is indispensable for this course. It contains over 30,000 images of ancient Greek artifacts, an interactive atlas that encompasses all of the Mediterranean, and the texts of major Greek and Roman authors (both in the original languages and translated into English). Roam throughout the site and see what you discover!


Metropolitan Museum of Art: Greek and Roman Art.

The Met has recently placed many of its Greek and Roman artifacts on-line. Take a look; we will use this website in preparation for our trip to NYC in April.