Exams: Life of Augustus
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The midterm and the final exams will test your overall comprehension of advanced Latin prose.  Each exam will consist of take-home exercises that must be completed by the specified date.  Your responses in each quiz must be typed and neatly formatted.  It is assumed that you will work entirely on your own.

    Each exam will ask you to scan portions of Suetonius' Life of Augustus and to locate certain grammatical and syntactic constructions (e.g. purpose clauses, result clauses, gerundives, and so on).  Once you have located a construction, you should do the following:

  • Type out the full sentence (or clause if the sentence is too long) in which the construction appears.  Include chapter/section references.

  • Type your translation of the sentence, which should be as accurate as possible.

  • Identify and discuss the key elements of the construction with reference to the patterns we have observed in class.

EXAMPLE   (Assume the quiz calls for an indirect command / jussive noun clause):

decretum est ut ea pars domus consecraretur (Aug. 5.1)

It was decreed that this part of the house be consecrated.

Discussion.   The verb that issues the command is decretum est, which is followed by the command itself, consecraretur, and introduced by the subordinating conjunction ut.   

    As you can see, your success on the exams depends on many things:  your ability to analyze the Latin, to discuss it cogently, and to offer a correct translation.   While the style of your discussion might differ from the one above, you should nevertheless strive for clarity at all times.


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