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Ancient Biographies, Modern Lives

Suetonius at work


Over the course of the semester you will read many biographers and will gain various critical perspectives on their works.

     For the semester project you will distill what you have learned from the biographical sources and the scholarship into a single, coherent work of your own.

     Your project is to write the life of a famous 20th century person in the style of an ancient biographer.  You may choose whomever you wish for instance, a musician, politician, actor, author as long as his or her life has already been substantially documented.

     Your life must be at least 20 pages, typed, and double-spaced.  Footnotes may be used, but they are not really necessary (you will see that ancient authors have their own conventions for citing sources).

     The following pages contain information about the semester project:

  • The Guidelines Page offers general sugestions on how to compose your Life.

  • The Bibliography Page gives the requirements for the bibliographical assignments due in conjunction with the project.

  • The Sources Page lists articles and books that will help you learn about biographers and biographical conventions.

  • The Schedule Page lists all of the deadlines for this term's project.

Please email Prof. Curley with questions or comments.

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