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A Commentary on Homer' s Odyssey

Odysseus and the wine


For the semester project you will write a scholarly commentary on a select passage from the Odyssey.  That is, you will create a guide to reading Homer much like the commentary of Stanford or the Oxford commentary (on reserve in Scribner Library).

     Your commentary must be typed and double-spaced, and should adopt a line-by-line format.  Passages will be assigned early in the semester.

     The following pages contain information about the semester project:

  • The Guidelines Page offers general sugestions composing your commentary.

  • The Bibliography Page gives the requirements for the bibliographical assignments due in conjunction with the project.

  • The Readings Page lists articles and books that will inform your commentary.

  • The Schedule Page lists all of the deadlines for this term's project.

Please email Prof. Curley with questions or comments.

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