HF200 Honors Workshop:
Domus and Villa

Prof. Michael Arnush Ladd 209 x5462
marnush@skidmore.edu Hours: W 9.00 Th 8.30 F 10.30


Classics Department

Skidmore College
Class Participation
Class participation consists of preparation of the reading or domus project assignments in advance; active engagement of the issues under consideration during class discussion; regular attendance. Since there are only 13 class sessions, your absence from even one meeting is significant. Thus, more than one absence will result in a substantial lowering of your participation grade.
Presentations 30% Over the course of the semester you will be called upon to lead a discussion of a particular reading, or present the results of your work on one particular aspect of the domus exhibition. This will provide an opportunity to direct the class' attention to specific issues that interest you, and to guide a class discussion. In order to prepare for these presentations, you will craft an outline in advance and share it with me via email no later than 2pm the previous Monday.
Domus contribution 50% You will be responsible for one or more aspects of the Domus exhibition, which will most likely entail identifying the object(s) for display; writing the display, catalogue and webpage descriptions and bibliography; helping to integrate your contribution into the larger picture. I will establish deadlines over the course of the semester which you will need to meet, and will assess the quality of your work along the way. The final assessment will come only after the exhibition on May 1st.