HF200 Honors Workshop:
Domus and Villa

Prof. Michael Arnush Ladd 209 x5462
marnush@skidmore.edu Hours: W 9.00 Th 8.30 F 10.30


Classics Department

Skidmore College

Date Topic Readings (for full citation, go to the Resources webpage)
Jan. 22
Jan. 29
Roman family
Dixon, The Roman Family, ch. 1, pp. 1-35
Feb. 5
Roman families and the law
Dixon, The Roman Family, ch. 2, pp. 36-60
Feb. 12
Roman marriage and children
Marriage: Dixon, The Roman Family, ch. 3, pp. 61-97
Children: Dixon, The Roman Family, ch. 4, pp. 98-132
Resources: Aldobrandini marriage (Lucy: Rediscovery); marriage contract (Diotima: classics/databases.html/); epitaph (Feminae Romanae: Women of Ancient Rome: Republican Women); death of Minicia Marcella (Pliny Letters 5.16, in Lefkowitz and Fant, Women's Life in Greece & Rome); Cicero to Terentia, 28 November 58BC: LXXXI (F XIV, i) (Perseus; Cicero, Selected Works, pp. 65-67)
Feb. 19
Family stages
Roman house
  • Britt, Katie, David G., Tracy, Sarah M.: "Family through the life cycle": Dixon, The Roman Family, chs. 5-6, pp. 133-163
  • Ellie, Liz, Brad, Courtney, Sara N.: "A Roman family": Bradley, Discovering the Roman Family, ch.8, pp. 177-204
  • Andrea, David W., Sierra, Ed, Shanley: "Space and Ritual in Domus, Villa and Insula": Clarke, The Houses of Roman Italy, 100 B.C.-A.D. 250, pp. 1-30; Sample plan of a Roman domus (House of the Tragic Poet, Pompeii); Pictures of Pompeii (Berkeley)
  • Everyone: "Roman Houses": Dupont, Daily Life in Ancient Rome, ch.5, pp. 90-102.
Feb. 26
Planning for the exhibition, pt.1
Brainstorming session; break into small groups
Mar. 5
Planning for the exhibition, pt.2
Discussions led by small groups
Academic Festival application
Mar. 19
Pottery, sculpture, wall painting, mosaics
Prof. L. Mechem (consultant)
  • COURTNEY, SHANLEY: Pottery: Greene, Roman Pottery: Interpreting the Past, chs. 1-2, pp. 7-23; optional: Greene, Roman Pottery, pp. 33ff.; Greene, The Archaeology of the Roman Economy, pp. 156-167; Hayes, Handbook of Mediterranean Roman Pottery (any sections of interest)
  • DAVID G.: Metalwork: Greene, The Archaeology of the Roman Economy, pp. 142-149; McManus, Roman Clothing I (scroll down for jewellry and go to Roman Clothing II )
  • DAVID G., COURTNEY: Sculpture: Kleiner, Roman Sculpture, Introduction, pp. 1-20; optional: 171-199
  • ED, BRAD, SARAH, SARA: Wall painting: Ling, Roman Painting: Introduction, pp. 1-3 + ch. 5 (ED), ch. 6 (BRAD), ch. 7 (SARAH), and ch. 10 (SARA)
  • TRACY, ANDREA: Mosaics: Ling, Ancient Mosaics (any sections of interest)
Mar. 26
Genealogy and inscriptions, coins, architecture, papyri
Prof. D. Curley (consultant on papyri)
  • LIZ, SIERRA: Genealogy and inscriptions: McManus, Roman Nomenclature; Bodel, Epigraphic Evidence, ch. 1, pp. 1-10, 30-35, 39-41; optional: pp. 95-117
  • KATY, SHANLEY: Coins: Greene, The Archaeology of the Roman Economy, ch. 3, pp. 45-66; Kent, Roman Coins, pp. 25-28
  • ANDREA, BRAD, KATY: Architecture: readings drawn from Clarke, The Houses of Roman Italy (any sections of interest)
  • ED, SIERRA: Papyri: Papyri: Bagnall, Reading Papyri, Writing Ancient History, chs. 1-2, pp. 9-31; Bagnall, Reading Papyri, pp. 32ff. See also the Brooklyn Museum's Papyrus Collection webpages.
Apr. 2
Curating an exhibition
Guest: Ian Berry
Meet in Intercultural Lounge
Apr. 9
Social history, clothing, household shrine, food
  • BRITT, DAVID W., ELLIE: Social history (readings drawn from readings for Jan. 29-Feb.19)
  • SARAH: Clothing (Roman Clothing I-II)
  • TRACY: Household shrine (lararium) (Ling, Roman Painting, p. 163)
  • KATY, SARA: Food (borrow from me P. Garnsey, Food and Society in Classical Antiquity; A. Dalby & S. Grainger, The Classical Cookbook; Apicius, Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome)
Apr. 16
Progress reports
  • Progress reports from everyone including 1st drafts to give to the editors
  • BRAD, DAVID W.: demo of version 2 of the mpeg video
Apr. 23
Exhibition dry-run
2nd drafts due
Apr. 30
Mounting the exhibition
Final drafts and all materials must be done
May 1
Academic Festival
Exhibition: Domus