Final Exam
Thursday, December 18, 1:30 - 4:30 p.m.

A Preview

Part One:  Passages

     Six excerpts from our readings.  Identify the author, the work, and the general context of the passage (i.e., what's going on).  You must attempt all six passages.

Part Two:  Heroes

     A list of general events from the career of one or more heroes.  For each event, indicate to which of the heroes it applies — Heracles, Theseus, Jason, Perseus or Oedipus.  NOTE: There may be one or more correct answers.

     Sample question:  Did not have Zeus for a father.  (Answer:  Theseus, Jason, and Oedipus.)

Part Three:  Trojan War

     A list of 10 general events from the Trojan War.  Place the events in chronological order, from earliest to latest.  Then, choose 5 out of the 10 events and briefly describe them.

Part Four:  Essays for panels

     Each student will receive an essay question that takes its cues from the panel on which he or she sat.  That is, there will be six different essays, each based on a panel's findings, and each to be answered by the six or seven students who sat on that panel.  Although the subject matter of each question will differ, all questions will ask students to do the same kind of work.

     Prof. Curley will not issue essay questions in advance, but he will issue each panel a set of smaller questions to consider as preparation for its essay.  Panels may opt to convene during the study and exam periods to discuss these questions as a group, or panelists may opt to prepare on their own.  The former option is encouraged.

NOTE:  The exam itself is designed to be completed in about an hour and a half by the "average student."  This means about 60 minutes for parts 1, 2, and 3, 30 for part 4.  Everyone will have 3 hours to complete the exam, regardless of need.