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This semester the class will form six panels, each of which will explore a different topic pertaining to classical mythology: creation, metamorphoses, monsters, customs, rape, and fate.


Jove and Io

     The panels give students an ongoing opportunity to explore a topic on their own, and to coordinate their findings with their fellow panelists.  Each panel will present a summary of findings to date, and take questions from the other students in the class, who will constitute the audience.

     Panels will convene on four days: October 27 and 29, and December 1 and 3 (three panels each day).  Please consult the Topics and Presentations pages for further details.

     Please bear in mind that work on the panels counts toward 20% of your final grade in CC 220.  Consistent effort will strengthen your understanding of the topic, and enhance your performance on the panel.  Re-reading the myths with an eye toward your topic, and taking notes as you read, will prove an effective method of preparation.

     Questions or comments?  Email Professor Curley.

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