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CC 220: Semester project

For the CC 220 semester project, you will write a Greek myth in English.  That is, you will tell a story of your own devising, whose subject matter and style draw upon traditional elements of Greek mythology.

     These elements include (but are not limited to) the following:


mythical beings:  gods, goddesses, kings, heroes, monsters.

mythical motifs:  the hieros gamos, succession stories, fraternal rivalry.

myth types:  creations, metamorphoses, aetiologies, hymns, journeys.

     Your myth will be graded for both content (especially its balance of traditionality and originality) and presentation (especially clarity and grammar).  The project is worth 30% of your total grade in this class.

     The overall purpose of the assignment is for you to approach myth from a different direction — to encode rather than decode.  You will take what you have learned about myth-making over the course of the semester and put it to work.

     Your efforts will be peer-reviewed; that is, you will share your work with your fellow students, who will offer constructive comments and suggestions.

     The top three myths will be read aloud on the last day of class, and the best one selected by vote.  The winning author will receive the people's ovation and fame forever — and a $30.00 gift certificate to Borders.

     These webpages describe the requirements of the project in detail, and offer some suggestions to help make it a success.  Please read them carefully.  If you have any questions or comments, contact Prof. Curley.

     Good luck, and have fun!

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