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A tragedy in the making...

Pentheus torn apart by Maenads


The project for CC 222/292 is to conceive, compose, and perform an original Greek tragedy in English.  The class will choose a Greek myth and produce a play based on that myth.

     Your tragedy should conform to the conventions of ancient drama as closely as possible, especially with regard to verbal and procedural aspects (including prologues, messenger speeches, marking of entrances and exits, and choral odes).

     As this project is a group effort, everyone should conscientiously observe requirements and deadlines.  Workloads should be as even as possible; all must pull their respective weights.  This is an ambitious project, to be sure, but it is possible to achieve within a single semester.  Constraints of time and resources may make it impossible to mount a full-scale theatrical production.  You should therefore aim for to produce a drama about 700 - 1000 verses long (with a running time of a litte over an hour).

     These pages describe the scope and nature of the project.  Please refer to them often to ensure that you are well-informed.

  • The Cast & Crew Page lists all of the roles required to complete the project.

  • The Diaries Page shows students how to record their efforts this term.

  • The Schedule Page offers a timetable (perhaps subject to change) for the project.

  • The Suggestions Page offers guidelines on seeing the project through.

  • The Downloads Page presents documents and images for members of the class to download.  The current version of the script is located here.

NOTE: all students of CC 222 must enroll in CC 292 (Semester Project in Classics), a one-credit course designed to given students additional time to complete the project.  Your grade in CC 292 will comprise 30% of your grade in CC 222.  That is, whatever grade you receive on the project will be your grade in CC 292.

Please email Prof. Curley with questions or comments.

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