CC 365:
Greek Sanctuaries

Prof. Leslie Mechem Ladd 211 x5464
lmechem@skidmore.edu Office Hours: MW 10-11:00, TUTH 11:30-12:00

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Greek Sanctuaries were a focus of piety and propaganda. From small local cults to large Panhellenic sites sanctuaries were places where individuals and the community worshipped. Consequently they were filled with gifts to the gods whether in the form of vast temples or seemingly insignificant votive offerings. What form did the sanctuary take? What kinds of rituals occurred in sanctuaries? Who performed these rituals? These are the questions that will occupy us over the semester. For the first few weeks, we will focus on the fundamentals of Greek religion and then study specific sanctuaries (Olympia, Delphi, Epidauros, and Eleusis) in our attempt to answer these questions. We will explore in detail the archaeological and art historical composition of each site as well as examine the particular types of religious practice associated with that sanctuary.


  • read critically and analyze closely literary texts and modern scholarship
  • to identify and assess selected artifacts and monuments within their cultural contexts
  • to present orally and in written form an argument supported by primary and secondary sources
  • to conduct research by traditional and digital methods