Greek Sanctuaries

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3: Introduction 

8: The Concept of the Sanctuary
        READING: B 84-95; Z 3-23; 55-62; R 123-127
        RESERVE READING:  Marinatos and Hagg, Greek Sanctuaries, 228-233; Easterling and Muir, Greek Religion and Society, 67-97
        QUESTIONS: Where did the Greeks worship? Were they clearly marked off from secular life? What components define and make up a sanctuary? What did a temple look like? What was the function of a temple?

10: Ritual
READING: B 54-84; Z 27-45; R 107-115
        RESERVE READING: Choose one article; Von Straten, "Votives and and Votaries in Greek Sanctuaries" in Buxton, Oxford Readings in Greek Religion, ; Hanson, Hoplites, 228-247; Vernant, Mortals and Immortals, 290-302
        QUESTIONS: What types of rituals are there? What is the meaning of an animal sacrifice? What is a "votive offering"? How does a "libation" work? What is the concept of purification?

15: Religious Personnel
READING: B 95-118; Z 46-54; R 127-129
        HANDOUT:  Garland, Priests and Power in Classical Athens
        QUESTIONS: Who could be priests/priestesses? What did they do? What was their training? What did a seer do? What were oracles and how were they delivered?
17: Civic Festivals
READING: B 216-246; Z 80-101; R117-121, 139-143
        RESERVE READING:  Sourvinou-Inwood, What is Polis Religion?, in Buxton, Oxford Readings in Greek Religion AND Murray and Price, The Greek City
        QUESTIONS: How does polytheism result in the necessity of a religious calendar? How did the gods affect the seasons of the year? What were the major festivals of ancient Greece and how did they ensure the health of the community for the year?
22: Social Functions of Cult
READING: B 246-275; Z 63-79; R 217-245
        RESERVE READING:  Mikalson, Athenian Popular Religion, Chap. 11, 83-90
        QUESTIONS: What is the relationship between amorality and law and what does religion have to do with it? How important were oaths in Greece and does one have to believe in the gods in order to swear an oath? How does ritual participation create solidarity among the participants? What were initiation ceremonies? How are rites of passage and other life-cycle events integrated into Greek religion? Are magic and the supernatural an important part of Greek religion? What does crisis management depend upon? What is the vocabulary the Greeks used for their religious ideas and concepts on piety?

24: Olympia
READING: B 105-107; Z 112-121
        RESERVE READING:  Morgan, "The Origins of Pan-Hellenism", in Marinatos and Hagg, Greek Sanctuaries; Lee, "The First Olympic Games of 776 B.C.", in Raschke, The Archaeology of the Olympics
HANDOUT: Parke, The Oracles of Zeus, "Olympia"

29: Olympia
REPORTS: Site Plan and History - Stacy and Allison, Palaestra and Gymnasium - Sarah M., Baths and Leonidaion - Eduardo, Games - Abby
1: Olympia
        REPORTS: Temple of Hera - Sara N., Temple of Zeus - Craig, Philippeion - Brad, Treasuries - Prof. Mechem

8: Olympia
REPORTS: Stadium and Hippodrome - Will, Altars and Pelopeion - Chris, Statuary and Votives - Kevin, Administrative structures - Andrea           

13: Olympia
REPORTS: Finish reports and final discussion on Olympia
        Research Methodology
15: Delphi: Guest Lecture Prof. Arnush
READING: Z 112-128; R 93-106
        RESERVE READING: Fontenrose, "The Cult of Apollo and the Games at Delphi", in Raschke, The Archaeology of the Olympics; Parker, "Greek States and Greek Oracles", in Cartledge and Harvey, CRUX and in Buxton, Oxford Readings in Greek Religion
20: Delphi
READING: Pausanias Handout; B 143-149
22: Delphi
         REPORTS: Temple - Sara N., Theater - Eduardo, Musical Contests - Allison
27: Delphi
          REPORTS: Votives - Kevin, Stadium - Will
29: Epidauros
          READING: B 214-215; Z 128-132; R 69-80
          REPORTS: Temple - Brad, Tholos - Chris
3: Epidauros
          REPORTS:  Theater  - Craig, Stadium, Palaestra, Gymnasium - Andrea 
5: Epidauros
          REPORTS: Votives - Abby

10: Eleusis
          READING: B 276-290; Z 132-140; R 171-193
          RESERVE READINGS: Clinton, "The sanctuary of Demeter and Kore at Eleusis", in Marinatos and Hagg, Greek Sanctuaries
Mysteries - Stacy

12: Eleusis
       Telesterion - Sarah M.
17: Eleusis         
19: No Class
24: Student Presentations: Artemis at Brauron - Sara Nash
Thesis and bibliography due

1: Student Presentations: Asklepios at Epidauros - Brad, Asklepios at Athens - Stacy, Eleusis - Sarah McCoy

3: Student Presentations: Poseidon at Isthmia - Craig, Parthenon - Chris, Sanctuaries of Dionysos (Ikaria and Athens)- Allison

8: Student Presentations: Aphrodite at Paphos - Kevin, Stadium at Olympia - Will, Panhellenic Games - Abby   
10: Student Presentations, Final Discussion, and Conclusions
Artemis Orthia- Eduardo, Craftsmen at Sanctuaries - Andrea