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Research resources for Vergil and the Georgics.

 P. V. Maro


Here are some useful resources, all of them informative and authoritative, which will enhance your study of Vergil and the Georgics. If you discover other online resources that are helpful to you, please contact Prof. Curley.

     A comprehensive site on Vergil and his influence in later Western culture.  The Links Page has a good collection of online Vergilian resources.


     A series of pages (with sound files) that introduce the meter of the Aeneid and other epic poems. Written by Prof. Dan Curley of Skidmore College.

  L'Annee Philologique (= AP).

     The essential classics bibliographic tool, containing all works published on all aspects of classical studies from 1969 - 2000.  The Database is searchable, but you have to know the tricks of the trade.  Don't forget that Scribner Library has the print version of AP for years prior to 1969.


     Managed by Philippa Matheson of the University of Toronto, the TOCS-IN site makes available — for searching, browsing, or downloading — the tables of contents of over 150 journals of interest to classicists (1992-present).

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