AH 223:
Roman Art and Archaeology

Prof. Leslie Mechem Ladd 211 x5464
lmechem@skidmore.edu Hours: MWF 11-12

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Required Texts: Beard, M. and Henderson, J., Classical Art
Ramage, N. and Ramage, A., Roman Art
Sears, F., Roman Architecture
Closed Reserve: Kleiner, D., Roman Sculpture
Ling, R., Roman Painting
D'Ambra, E., Roman Art in Context
Open Reserve: Becatti, Art of Ancient Greece and Rome
Bieber, Ancient Copies
Hanfmann, Roman Art
Brilliant, Visual Narratives
Mansuelli, Art of Etruria and Early Rome
Matt, Art of the Etruscans
Sprenger, The Etruscans
Strong, Roman Art and Architecture
Andreae, The Art of Rome
Bianchi-Bandinelli, Rome, the Center of Power
Bianchi-Bandinelli, Rome, the Late Empire
Heintze, Roman Art
Strong, Roman Art
Pollitt, Art of Rome, Sources
Kraus, Pompeii and Herculaneum
Maiuri, Pompeii
Romanelli, Palestrina
Robertson, Greek and Roman Architecture
Boethius, Etruscan and Roman Architecture
MacDonald, Architecture of the Roman Empire
Nash, Pictorial Dictionary of Ancient Rome
Richardson, Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome
MacDonald, The Pantheon Simon, Ara Pacis Augustae
Clarke, Houses of Roman Italy
Richardson, Pompeii
Pallottino, Etruscan Painting
Boardman, Oxford History of Classical Art
Maiuri, Roman Painting
Deiss, Herculaneum
Wilson, Piazza Armerina
Ward-Perkins, Roman Architecture
Jashemski, Gardens of Pompeii
Packer, Forum of Trajan
MacDonald, Hadrian's Villa
Castriota, The Ara Pacis Augustae