CC 365: Murdering Mothers
Spring 2004

Course syllabus (paper)

Semester project timetable

March 1, 2004:  Declaration

April 4, 2004:  Preliminary bibliography

List ten articles, essays, or book chapters you think will be helpful to your project.  Use existing bibliography in our textbooks and course readings, but conduct your own searches in classics bibliographical databases.
  • Do not list entire books; list chapters or essays instead.
  • Do list your entries in a standard citation format.
Email your bibliography as an attachment to Professor Curley.

April 18, 2004:  Partially annotated bibliography

Annotate five out of your ten entries. Annotations consist of two paragraphs: (1) a summary of the work in question; (2) a critical evaluation of the work (i.e., how it will inform your project).

Your bibliography this time around should be tighter in focus than your preliminary one.  It should include only secondary sources, and only useful ones;  its entries should also reflect your thesis (for example, your "something else" should also be as well-represented as Medea).

By now you should have procured all materials, either from Scribner library or via Interlibrary Loan.

Email your annotated bibliography as an attachment to Professor Curley.

April 27 and 29 / May 4, 2004:  Presentations

April 27: Nash and Drennan, Zevallos
April 29: Jones, Weintraub, Laird
May 4: Gutierrez, Hanson, Wiygul

Guidelines for presentations TBA.

Full annotated bibliographies due at this time (ten works).

May 10, 2004

Final projects due by 12:00 p.m., the end of our regulary scheduled exam period.