Pompeiian fresco, 1st c. AD

Democracy Inaction

MWF 1.25-2.20
(Lib 213) W 4.10-5.05 (Ladd 106)
Prof. Michael Arnush Starbuck 201D x8113
marnush@skidmore.edu Hours: MW 11-12
W 2.30-3.30
4th credit hour
Classics Department
Skidmore College
This Scribner Seminar meets three hours per week in regular sessions, MWF 1.25-2.20 in Library 213. The scheduled 4th credit hour usually meets W 4.10 in Ladd 106, but on a number of occasions the meetings are held at other times and venues. All class meetings begin on time, so please make sure you leave a sufficient amount of time to get to class before the Seminar begins.
The 4th credit hour sessions are designed to supplement the Seminar's content and strengthen your skills as a college student. On some occasions the sessions are offered twice - once on Wed. at 11.15, and again on Thurs. at 5.15. When you have such an option, you will need to sign up for one of the two sessions (if you have course conflicts with both, please notify me as soon as possible).
Because of the relevance of The Burial at Thebes to our Seminar, I have scheduled three of the Monday evening sessions in JKB Theater that you are required to attend. You are also encouraged to attend as many others that interest you, as well as the rehearsals that occur intermittently on Wed. evenings.
Two special sessions off-campus have been arranged for our Seminar - a visit to a Saratoga Springs governance meeting and a trip to the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. In addition, your peer mentor, Amelia Crane, will be offering some co-curricular programs in the residence halls during the semester, particularly during the week prior to the local election.
Electronic forum to archive articles from The Saratogian
Saratoga County Republican Committee official webpage
Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee official webpage
Saratoga Springs City Hall official webpage
Civitas: a personal blog on Saratoga politics by James Howard Kunstler, local author and critic
The Saratoga Citizen: Saratoga's Independent Online Journal

Local newspapers

"College Expects Smooth Election," by Kate Perry (Glens Falls Post-Star), 10/8/04
Political contributions by individuals in Saratoga Springs, 2003-2004