Pompeiian fresco, 1st c. AD

CC200 Classical World
MWF 1.25-2.20

Prof. Michael Arnush Ladd 209 x5462
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Date Topic Readings
March 2

5th Century Athens: Greek philosophy
Prof. Gonzalez

Plato Symposium
March 4 5th Century Athens: Greek comedy
Prof. Wouters
Aristophanes Clouds
PowerPoint; handout
March 7 5th Century Athens: Melian Dialogue
Prof. Arnush
Thucydides 5
March 9 5th Century Athens: Greek tragedy
Prof. Wouters
Euripides Trojan Women
March 11 5th Century Athens: discussion
Prof. Arnush
Take home midterm due
March 14-18 Spring Break  
March 21 Introduction and transition to Rome
Prof. Arnush
Roman values
Maps of Rome, Italy, and the Hellenistic world
March 23 Late Republic: Letters of Cicero
Prof. Nesholm
Cicero Selected Works:
Letters, pp. 58-61; To Terentia 64-67; To Curio 69-71; To Atticus 71-73; To Rufus 73-75; To Tiro 75-77; To Atticus 84-85; To Varro 85-86; To Atticus 86-88, 91-96; To Trebonius 96-98; To Plancus 98-100
March 25 Late Republic: Cicero and Caesar
Prof. Arnush
Life and times of Cicero
Cicero Selected Works:
Against Verres I, pp. 37-38, p. 55; Letters, pp. 58-61; To Pompey 61-62; To Atticus 62-64, 67-69, 77-84, 88-91
March 28 Late Republic: Republican Rhetoric
Prof. Wouters
Cicero Second Philippic Against Antony
March 28 Backstage at the Tang tour, 5.30pm
Tang assignment
March 30 Late Republic: Roman philosophy
Prof. Wouters
Cicero On Old Age