Pompeiian fresco, 1st c. AD

CC200 Classical World
MWF 1.25-2.20

Prof. Michael Arnush Ladd 209 x5462
marnush@skidmore.edu Hours: MW 11 or by appointment


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40% Two four-page papers, 20% each (due 2/23, 4/27)
20% Five-page take home midterm (due 3/11)
20% Final exam (5/13, 9am)

Two-page Tang assignment (due 4/1)

10% Class participation: in-class and electronic discussion, and occasional reading quizzes
In order to receive full credit, you must hand in all assignments on time, in class and by yourself. All late assignments, assignments sent electronically (unless requested) and assignments handed in by someone else earn an "F."
You must type all papers with one inch margins and in 12-point type, and staple (not paper clip) all papers. Each paper must carry your name, the date, the title of the course and the name of the assignment.
Class participation is an active process and depends upon your efforts to engage the material of this course and demonstrate that engagement over the course of the semester. That means both regular attendance and active participation in class discussions. You may take three unexcused absences over the course of the semester. Beyond those three, every absence will result in a lowering of one full grade for your final course grade. I equate showing up late for class with an unexcused absence.
Participation means much more than just attending class: active engaged learning includes doing the reading on schedule, thinking about the issues the reading raises and formulating questions and comments, and then sharing those observations with the other students and faculty. You can also participate in, or spur, discussion via email - another opportunity to voice your views. In order to earn the class participation grade, you need to participate regularly (weekly) in the class dialogue.