CC 220:
Classical Mythology

Prof. Leslie Mechem Ladd 211 x5464
lmechem@skidmore.edu Office Hours: MWF 10-11:00

Web Resources


Required Texts: Euripides, Medea, Hippolytus, Herakles, Bacchae
Grene and Lattimore, Greek Drama I
Hesiod, Theogony
Homer, Iliad and Odyssey
Shelmerdine, The Homeric Hymns
Ovid, Heroides (handout)
Ovid, Metamorphoses
Reserve: Bacchylides, Poems (e-reserve)
The Bible
Enuma Elish in Pritchard, Ancient Near Eastern Texts (e-reserve)
 Gantz, Early Greek Myth: A Guide to the Literary and Artistic Sources
Peradotto, Classical Mythology: an annotated bibliographical survey
Pindar, Odes (e-reserve)
Reid, Oxford Guide to Classical Mythology in the Arts 
Schefold, Gods and Heroes in Late Archaic Greek Art 
Vergil, Aeneid
Vergil, Georgics (e-reserve)