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CC 223 : Reflections
Introduction Guidelines Schedule

Reflections are designed to help students gather their thoughts in preparation for in-class discussion of plays.

Below are links to preliminary questions on plays on the CC 223 reading list.  Answers are due by 9:00 a.m. on the morning of discussion, and count toward the class participation grade.




Each question requires a thoughtful paragraph (6-10 sentences) in response.  It is recommended that students compose answers in a word procressing program -- from the nimble Notepad to the lumbering MS Word -- and paste them into the appropriate box.

The questions are opinion-oriented, which means that they ask for students' intrepretations of the text.  As such, there are no right or wrong answers;  nevertheless, assertions should be supported with evidence from the play (quotation, verse numbers) where appropriate.

Hit the "Submit" button to send reflections to Professor Curley;  to receive a copy by email, be sure to include your Skidmore email address in the appropriate box.

Professor Curley will review all reflections and use them to facilitate in-class discussion.  Students should expect to be recognized in class for their responses -- that is, for answers to be read aloud and attributed to their respective authors.

As noted, reflections are due at 9:00 a.m. on the dates listed above.  Late submissions will not be processed after that time -- no exceptions.  NOTE:  The time is taken from the Skidmore server, not your computer's internal clock nor your wristwatch.  Students are therefore advised not to wait until the last minute to submit reflections, lest they fall victim to cold, cruel technology.

Please email Professor Curley with any technical difficulties.



-- Acharnians  (9.24.09)
-- Clouds  (9.29.09)
-- Wasps  (10.01.09)
-- Lysistrata  (10.08.09)
-- Frogs (10.13.09)
-- Wealth (10.15.09)


-- Ion  (10.20.09)
-- Cyclops  (10.22.09)


-- Grouch  (10.29.09)
-- Girl from Samos  (11.03.09)


-- Rope  (11.12.09)
-- Braggart Soldier  (11.17.09)
-- Pot of Gold  (11.19.09)
-- Amphitryon  (11.24.09)


-- Girl from Andros  (12.01.09)
-- Eunuch  (12.03.09)
-- Brothers  (12.08.09)

Semester project

-- Final reflections  (12.17.09, by noon)

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