HI203 Rise of Athens

Prof. Michael Arnush Ladd 209 x5462
marnush@skidmore.edu Hours: MF 12-1pm
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Over the course of the semester you will develop writing skills that will help you craft clear and cogent prose and that will assist you in doing fine work on an exam. The course requirements are designed to help you sharpen these skills. You will write two short (3-4 pages) essays that ask you to research, compare and analyze primary sources only on an assigned topic. You will also prepare a final project that requires you to develop a project that reflects aspects of Greek history that interest you. Finally, you will write one midterm and one comprehensive final exam.
The class participation grade is based upon how well you prepare the readings and assignments before class and then contribute substantively to discussions in the classroom. Each individual takes a different approach to class participation, from active engagement at every class meeting to a more passive and quiet demeanor. In this class, I expect all of you to participate regularly; to that end, you should plan to offer a significant contribution to our class discussions at least once each week. Obviously, if you do not attend class you can not participate in the in-class discussions. Come to class, come prepared and contribute.
All assignments and exams will have set deadlines. These deadlines will be announced in advance and, unless you are ill and have obtained an excused absence from me via email as soon as you are able, are non-negotiable. If you miss a deadline due to an unexcused absence, you will earn a grade of "F."
Class Participation
  • Daily

Essay 1

  • Sept. 18th: assignment
  • Sept. 25th: final draft due

Essay 2

  • Oct. 2nd: assignment
  • Oct. 9th: first draft due; peer critiques
  • Oct. 12th: second draft due
  • Oct. 16th: instructor's critique
  • Oct. 19th: final draft due
  • Oct. 26th
  • Oct. 28th: assignment
  • Nov. 16th: short essay due
  • Dec. 11th: final draft due
Final exam
  • Friday, Dec. 18th, 1.30-4.30pm