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First paper

Due 2/11, 1.25pm 18%

Second paper

Due 3/6, 2.20pm 18%

Third paper

Due 4/1, 1.25pm 18%

Fourth paper

Due 4/24, 1.25pm 18%
All papers have due dates and each paper must be turned in on time - neither early nor late - and in class by you. Papers not turned in on time and in class by you earn a grade of "F." Please plan your departure from campus in March for spring break accordingly.
Final exam May 7, 1.30-4.30pm 18%

The date and time of the final exam has been determined by the Registrar and, as with all other deadlines, is non-negotiable. Please plan your departure from campus for the summer accordingly.

Class participation   10%
Class participation requires active and demonstrable engagement by you, the student, in classroom discussions. Class participation must be earned not just by attendance, but by vocal participation in dialogue and debate. If you do not attend class you obviously cannot participate. You may miss three class meetings without penalty or rationale; for each subsequent absence your class participation grade will drop by 2 points. Your class participation grade includes attendance at the annual Classical World guest lecture and participation in the Homerathon!
Guest lecture
The annual Classical World lecture, now in its 12th year, is an all-campus event that brings esteemed scholars and artists to campus to exchange ideas. Your attendance is required at this lecture, scheduled for Thursday, March 19th, 5.30pm. You will also receive an invitation to the dinner that follows the lecture.
The Homerathon! is a marathon reading of Homer's epic poem the Odyssey open to the campus community. You, the students enrolled in CC200, will engineer the Homerathon!, selecting a date, time and place and how the event will unfold.
New York City excursion to the Metropolitan Museum of Art
An essential component of CC220 is the role that material culture plays in both Greek and Roman societies. The Metrpolitan Museum of Art in NYC houses a superb collection of art from both civilizations; on Saturday, April 4th, we will spend a good part of the day at the Met where you will present objects in teams. Travel by bus to NYC and entrance to the museum are both provided by the Classics Department. Your attendance and participation are mandatory. We will prepare for our trip to the Met with a class session in the Tang Museum.