G. Julius Caesar
(courtesy VRoma)

CL210 Intermediate Latin:
Julius Caesar's Gallic War

M 10.10-11.05 TuTh 9.40-11.00

Prof. Michael Arnush Ladd 209 x5462
marnush@skidmore.edu Office hours TuTh11-12

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We will begin the semester with an overview of the course and then prepare to read Caesar's excursion into Britain. Our preparation will include dealing with the last major forms of Latin - some verbal tenses, participles, the 4th and 5th declension of nouns, the subjunctive mood and relative pronouns - in order to acquire the foundation to read Caesar's text.

After these introductory sessions, the weeks will unfold with a regular pattern:

  • Mondays: an introduction to any new linguistic forms, and a review of other forms we have learned, in preparation for the week's readings
  • Tuesdays: applying Monday's lessons to reading Caesar's commentaries
  • Thursdays: continuing our reading of Caesar's text

Quizzes will occur with some regularity, either on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Typically, the quizzes will review the new linguistic concepts introduced on Mondays.

We will address cultural matters - on Britain in the "Late Pre-Roman Iron Age," on Caesar's career, on the army, on events in Rome during Caesar's lifetime, and on the cultural makeup of the Roman and British worlds in the 1st century BCE - as they seem relevant to our readings.